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Welcome to the Politics on the Web website. We each have a responsibility, as citizen of our country, to maintain an up to date awareness of the political conditions within that country. Not only should we all keep an eye on what our elected representatives are up to, in order to hold them accountable and ensure they are delivering on the things we elected them to get done, but we also need to engage in the political process, to further political thought and ideas, but also to question those people in charge, to keep them on the straight and narrow, and to ensure they remember who it is they were elected to serve.

But how do you get access to all the very latest political news? There are an abundance of different channels available now on the web, and we all have access to the web in a variety of ways these days, thanks to the increase in mobile devices and the development of new handheld technologies. But if you hear of something occurring in the political sphere that you do not agree with, or that seems to be the opposite of what was promised would happen, what can you do to make your dissatisfaction heard, in a legal and constructive way? Well, again, thanks to the internet, there are more and more ways to interact with your political representatives, with even Barack Obama, the leader of the free world, being ubiquitous on social media. If you want to make your feelings heard, there are political discussion forums, and if you want to speak to your political representative, they all have their own websites now, on which you can contact them directly. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Politics on the internet.

Please Note

The Politics on the Web website is not related to the old Mark Harper website.

If you would like to know more about the Mark Harper website please contact him directly.